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Guangzhou Tianyi Clothing Co., LTD is a professional textile printing enterprises. Use the most reasonable and efficient printing solutions according to different fabrics and materials.

We can process all kinds of high quality printing products for you quickly and efficiently We have a strong design, development, production, processing integration ability, rich printing experience and high-quality products make us in the field of textile printing reputation, leading the industry development. At present, the main clients of cooperation in the system are: Shein, Lin Zhi, GUETES, Chuyuan, Tong Yixin, Senbo, Sanmu, Mi Huang, Zhi Cheng, Yu Zhong.

Advanced Digital

For example:digital printing, using the world’s most advanced digital printing production system, before the plate production of mass production can make a sample for customer reference confirmation, later mass production, greatly reduce the risk of version, shorten the production cycle.

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Direct Printing

Direct printing, no color separation plate, can save a lot of auxiliary equipment and related costs.

High Quality

High quality printing, rich color, can be printed photo patterns.

Personalized Requirements

Small batch, adapt to the trend of mass customization, to meet the personalized requirements.

Digital Printing Technology

Adopting digital printing technology makes it easy to design and check patterns and patterns, providing high resolution and accurate samples.

Advanced Digital

Our base paper and ink are made of the most advanced materials. The printing ink does not contain AZOFREE, heavy metals and allergic substances that are harmful to human body. Ink, transfer paper and other finished products have passed SGS testing, to achieve international quality certification.

Good quality and beautiful, high printing precision, bright color, fine design, rich color, color fastness above grade 4. Our company is a long-term partner of most famous brands.In digital printing technology, through the input computer images (including CAD design, scanning, digital camera images) directly transmitted to the digital inkjet printing machine, inkjet printing directly on a variety of fabrics to form patterns. No traditional printing plate making, the mixing process, don’t take back, marking requirements, also have no color number limitation, tinted by precision equipment guarantee, can greatly simplify the complex process of traditional printing, digital printing, with its to adapt to the basic no pollution, small batch, high quality and is known as the printed fabric product of the revolutionary achievements both at home and abroad

Processing Process Of Fabric Digital Printing

Guangzhou Tianyi Clothing Co., LTD dongguan branch, is one specialized is engaged in the whole category clothing manufacturing integration of manufacturers, the company independent research and development production of digital printing fabric to branch into a finished product manufacturing integration of supply chain system, the order is stable, advanced and complete production equipment, workers sophisticated technology, rich experience.

We uphold: integrity and dedication, customer first. Adhere to the quality of survival, innovation and development ‘for the purpose of business. We sincerely thank every customer for every opportunity! We look forward to common development and win-win with your company!

Solemn commitment: 1 good quality; 2 high efficiency 3 color accuracy; 4 Fast speed. Whether it is from one size printing or one million size printing, single clothing to full category clothing production, we can solve for you! Welcome to sample development orders, processing, business negotiations. Welcome people from all walks of life to visit the guidance!

Sign the contract, customer sampling, design do samples – customer confirmation, digital printing, thermal transfer printing, inspection, warehousing, finished product delivery to customers

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